9 Atelier

Jalan Angin Laut

Client: Landed Property
Modern, elegant, and timeless. That’s what encompasses the core concept of our client’s dream home at Jalan Angin Laut designed by our Principal Designer Aric Aw Yong.

The beauty of a landed property is the ample space. Allowing both a wet and dry kitchen concept, we chose to embrace an open-concept kitchen area where the living room will be able to connect seamlessly with the kitchen. Spot the extensive tall cabinets and the central island in the kitchen that allows for plenty of space to store the kitchen equipment and for ingredient prep.

Continuing onto the second floor, the family lounge picks up the wooden elements that are present in the living room and gives it new life. With the use of beautiful fluted panels that helps to frame up the space, along with cove lighting to give it that extra oomph-factor, giving anyone that comes up to the second floor a sight to remember.

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