9 Atelier

Kingsford Condominium

Client : Condominium
Type: Interior
With no clear ideas in mind and trusting fully in our creative vision, 9 Atelier had the blessing from the homeowner to create this beautiful home from scratch.
Clad in 9 Atelier’s Signature Modern Luxury style, explore with us enough details to make any homeowners jealous.

Murphy Bed

Perfect for smaller sized houses, murphy beds allows a much more versatile space, a necessity in the current work-from-home climate.

Moon Mirror

Custom Moon Mirror, surrounded by lush cove lighting to helps to complete the space. Nippon’s textured special effects Momento paint was specially picked out for the walls to complement the modern, luxury theme both here and in the living room, ensuring the continuity of space.

Stucco Wall with Gold Geometric Lines

A beautiful focal point in the living room, the grey textured Stucco wall perfectly embodies the Modern Luxury theme, creating a space that is both comfortable and luxurious.

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